Ophthalmology Regeneration

Regenerative ophthalmology (RO) is one of the most active subspecialties of regenerative medicine (RM), which is one of the most exciting areas of the discipline. Congenital degenerations and AMD are just a couple of the conditions that cutting-edge medicines are being tested to cure. By using cells, bioactive compounds, and biomaterials to replace or regenerate tissues and organs, regenerative ophthalmology (RO) aims to restore function. These innovative therapeutic approaches could boost the efficacy and efficiency of the treatment of eye diseases. Researchers from RO have concentrated on the regeneration of lost or damaged eye tissues as a new approach to treating vision impairment and blindness brought on by ocular degenerative conditions, trauma, or infection as a result of the progress of tissue engineering technologies.

  • Ophthalmology using Regenerative Nanotechnology
  • The CRISPR-CA’s System
  • Stem cells, biomaterials, and gene therapy
  • Innovative Regenerative Ophthalmology Tools


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