Ophthalmology and Nanotechnology

The frontier of science and technology, nanotechnology is a relatively new idea. It penetrates using nanometer-sized molecules and has proven useful in space exploration, medical research, and other scientific disciplines. The eye is a perfect target for nanotechnology because it is a tiny organ that is accessible due to its exposed placement. According to some sources, "the discovery of nanomedicines has reawakened tremendous aspirations for ocular pharmacotherapy, in which nanostructured pharmaceuticals are projected to pass through the eye's limiting barriers." Adoption of nanotechnology is still hampered by concerns about safe production practices and unanticipated biological effects of nanomaterial use. These obstacles are not insurmountable, and this emerging industry is likely to produce ground-breaking therapies for ocular illnesses.

  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanoscopic pharmaceuticals
  • Nanostructured Medicine

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