Ophthalmic Care

Primary eye care (PEC) is a broad phrase that refers to using primary healthcare to prevent potentially blinding eye conditions (PHC). PEC includes identifying individuals with preventable causes of blindness as well as the diagnosis and treatment of prevalent eye diseases, particularly those that result in an acute red eye. In every community and region of the world, primary eye care is an essential part in preventing blindness. Without basic eye care, only patients who visit secondary and tertiary clinics will receive a diagnosis and treatment, and little will be done to avoid the condition.

Acute care is required when a patient has a temporary but serious disease, accident, or other eye health issue. Ailments like trachoma, glaucoma, and cataract are treated on a secondary level, in places like hospitals.

  • Eye camps for diagnosis
  • Eye Donation Awareness Programs
  • Easily avoidable causes of blindness

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